Adjustable side supports for solar panel

The solar panel support allows the simple installation of a photovoltaic panel and is adjustable in four positions.

Adaptable to all boats, the tilt is regulated in seconds using a  telescopic support to find the best orientation to the sun and increase photovoltaic efficiency. The support rotates on a stainless steel tube with bushings.

The 316 stainless steel tube gives rigidity to the handrail and protects the cable with rotating bushings.

For mounting with aft tensioner we have extensions. (watch video)

For large panels another additional aluminum telescopic can be installed.


EnergyWing Solar Panel Side Mount

Price list (not including solar panel)

  • Standard Model: 280 € (338,80 € VAT included)
  • Extendable model: 319 € (385,99 € VAT included)


  • Additional aluminium telescopic: 142 € (171,82 € Vat included)

Shipping: consult