Solar panel pole

The solar panel pole allows you to easily install a photovoltaic panel (up to 100 W.) and is 360 degree adjustable with easy assembly and disassembly.

Adaptable to all boats, the inclination is adjusted in seconds by means of a wing nut and it is turned simply by rotating the mast from the cockpit to find the best orientation to the sun and increase photovoltaic efficiency.

It is fixed to the aft balcony without the need to drill the deck.

To disassemble it, simply remove the pole from its housing by moving it upwards.

You can integrate a crane arm for outboard, rotating, folding and adjustable to the most suitable angle.

The solar panel is fixed to the pole with a cross of anodized aluminum plates and a toothed arch adjustment with a wing nut to tilt it to the preferred angle easily and without tools.

The base of the pole includes a toothed bushing that prevents the assembly from accidentally turning due to wind or navigation movements. As the mast is rotated to face the sun, the teeth on the bushing “pop” into the desired position.


The aft balcony anchor jaws are rotatable and can be mounted on horizontal, vertical or inclined tubes and any combination thereof.

The pole disassembles in seconds, without the need for tools.

The wiring runs inside the pole and if it has connectors, when the pole and the panel are disassembled the cable remains inside the pole and all the components can be conveniently stowed away.

Pole accessories

Crane arm to lift the outboard

Rotatable, adjustable angle, foldable and removable. In two versions, normal and reinforced with tie rod.

With complete rigging includes rope, pulleys and cleats.

In the case of including reinforced arm with tie rod, disassembly is just as simple. By loosening the wing nut and slightly raising the arm, the upper terminal of the tie rod is released and the assembly can be folded.

The toothed disc of the joint, once fixed with the wing nut, prevents this movement from occurring accidentally.

Pole for solar panel

Price list (does not include the solar panel)

  • Rotating post for solar panel: €582 (€704.22 VAT included)

(Includes complete support and cross of anodized aluminum plates for fastening the panel)


  • Swivel crane arm for outboard complete with rigging: €325 (€393.25 VAT included)
  • Swivel crane arm for outboard complete with reinforced rigging with tie rod: €408 (€493.68 VAT included)

Shipping included to the peninsula. Other destinations:  consultar