Lead weights of all sizes, from 2 to 15 kg. for different uses.

Great depth fishing, anchor chain ballast, dinghy anchoring, etc.

Lead weights assembled, with 316 stainless steel cable handle and shrink wrapping rubber protective cover.

We also have heads and washers to form leads of any weight.

Use as ballast for ANCHORING

Combined with a carabiner, the lead weight slides down the anchoring chain (or rope) and keeps it resting at the bottom.

Increases the gripping ability of the anchor in anchorages where it is not possible to run further chain by proximity to the coast or other boats.

We can supply you the right assembly tailored to your anchoring chain.

Other uses

As a counterweight for our CONFORT Mooring Shock Absorber  (more information)

For great depth fishing

With protective shrink wrapping rubber sheath that prevents lead from soiling the surfaces of the boat and dinghy

To prevent the dinghy from hitting the docks

Replacing the dinghy anchor on busy beaches where the anchor can cause damage to bathers