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Complete restoration of the gas stove of a classic Swan 43

The French owner of a beautiful classic Swan S&S 43 (Sparkman & Stephens design), is carrying out the complete restoration of his boat, keeping all the original parts.

We restored the winches, the fittings, various mechanisms and hardware and after seeing the result of our work, asked us about the possibility of restoring the original gas stove.

It is a LUKE Heritage stove, built with the quality of the time and the Swan shipyard, but with many decades of use and in rather poor condition:

The first operation was the total disassembly piece by piece and the analysis of the state of each component. Next we send the client a detailed budget of the operations to be carried out. If during the work an unforeseen event appears, we contact him to inform him of the different alternatives and the costs:

Once the budget is approved, we apply the ideal treatments according to each material:

  • Original stainless steel sheets: Polished and satin
  • Aluminum castings (top cover and oven base): Anodized
  • Bronze burners: Sandblasting (no surface finish to resist high temperatures)
  • Stainless steel pot holding rods: Polished
  • Bronze rod hardware: Polished
  • Copper gas conduit pipes: Sandblasting
  • Original bakelite knobs and oven handle: Sandblasting
  • Bronze hinges and hardware: Chrome
  • Screws: We modify all the Whitworth threads (English standard) to metric threads and replace all the screws with 316 stainless steel screws (as a rule we never use any job or product, worse quality stainless steel such as 304)

The original stainless steel sheet that formed the sides and rear of the oven was in very poor condition and we replaced it with a new one (316 stainless steel laser cut).

We also manufacture a new oven rack in 316 stainless steel rod:

We replace the old lower counterweight leads with new lead parts:

We check the correct operation of the upper burners and the oven and their controls:

And we proceed to the final assembly of all the restored components with this result:

Once the work is completed, we send the client a report with photographs detailing the operations carried out, prepare a protective packaging and send it to the client’s home through our transport agency so that it can be installed again and serviced for many decades maintaining the aesthetics and original components of the beautiful Swan S&S 43.