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The French owner of a beautiful classic Swan S&S 43 (Sparkman & Stephens design), is carrying out the complete restoration of his boat, keeping all the original parts.

We restored the winches, the fittings, various mechanisms and hardware and after seeing the result of our work, asked us about the possibility of restoring the original gas stove.

It is a LUKE Heritage stove, built with the quality of the time and the Swan shipyard, but with many decades of use and in rather poor condition:

The first operation was the total disassembly piece by piece and the analysis of the state of each component. Next we send the client a detailed budget of the operations to be carried out. If during the work an unforeseen event appears, we contact him to inform him of the different alternatives and the costs:

Once the budget is approved, we apply the ideal treatments according to each material:

  • Original stainless steel sheets: Polished and satin
  • Aluminum castings (top cover and oven base): Anodized
  • Bronze burners: Sandblasting (no surface finish to resist high temperatures)
  • Stainless steel pot holding rods: Polished
  • Bronze rod hardware: Polished
  • Copper gas conduit pipes: Sandblasting
  • Original bakelite knobs and oven handle: Sandblasting
  • Bronze hinges and hardware: Chrome
  • Screws: We modify all the Whitworth threads (English standard) to metric threads and replace all the screws with 316 stainless steel screws (as a rule we never use any job or product, worse quality stainless steel such as 304)

The original stainless steel sheet that formed the sides and rear of the oven was in very poor condition and we replaced it with a new one (316 stainless steel laser cut).

We also manufacture a new oven rack in 316 stainless steel rod:

We replace the old lower counterweight leads with new lead parts:

We check the correct operation of the upper burners and the oven and their controls:

And we proceed to the final assembly of all the restored components with this result:

Once the work is completed, we send the client a report with photographs detailing the operations carried out, prepare a protective packaging and send it to the client’s home through our transport agency so that it can be installed again and serviced for many decades maintaining the aesthetics and original components of the beautiful Swan S&S 43.

Energy Fix Stern Arch on Fortuna 9

Sailboat Fortuna 9. The owner needs to be able to disassemble the arch easily for winter sailing and regattas.

We installed an arch of straight masts with simple balcony and coaming fixing for two adjustable 100-watt panels.

To disassemble it is only necessary to unscrew two wing nuts and four screws and the assembly is stowed in the locker: the upper frame with the incorporated panels and the two loose masts. On board there are only two clamps on the balcony and two half bases on the sides of the coaming.

Energy Fix Stern Arch installation on Sun Odyssey 43

For two adjustable solar panels. Due to the configuration of the stern and the existence of the bimini top, we installed angled masts anchored to both tubes of the aft balcony and with bases on the deck.

The universal elbows allow the base of the mast to be deflected to the desired position so that it does not interfere with mooring cleats, filler necks, etc.

To increase the lateral stiffness of the arch, we include two diagonal braces from the mast to the lower balcony tube.

Energy Fix Stern Arch installation on Puma 341

It is about doubling the photovoltaic power in a classic Puma 341 that has two 100-watt panels installed fixed on the bimini.

For this we installed an Energy Fix stern arch with fixation to the deck and to both tubes of the stern balcony. We also include in the masts two davits for the auxiliary.

Due to the measurements of the stern, we installed some extensions that increase the width to the extent necessary to include the two new 100 watt panels.

Arch development includes:

  • Swiveling upper telescopic frame with fixations for panels
  • Upper ball joint for panel orientation
  • Extension ball joints to increase the measure
  • Davit brackets
  • Clamps for anchoring to balcony
  • Elbows to reorient the masts to the deck
  • Bases for deck mounting

The final result achieves a total photovoltaic power of 400 watts (4×100), with the two new panels on an adjustable frame, which represents a great increase in efficiency, in addition to solving the stowage of the dinghy with two davits of great robustness and that can be folded down (or disassembled) when not in use.

Energy Fix Stern Arch installation on Viko S30

In this case we installed an Energy Fix stern arch with straight masts for solar panels.

As the configuration of the aft balcony of this model is quite special, we installed hinged bases on the transom and anchored to the single balcony tube using tie rods.

In this way, the inclination of the arch masts can be adjusted to the most convenient angle and lateral and longitudinal solidity is ensured.

Energy Fix Stern Arch installation on Oceanis 343

The owner proposes the installation of a solar panel positioned on the back of the bimini, but that does not prevent the folding of the awning and that the base of the masts does not interfere with the mooring cleats.

To do this, we designed an Energy Fix arch with angled masts, with advanced bases on the deck and anchors to both balcony tubes.

In this way, in port or when sailing, the panel can be kept in a horizontal position a few centimeters above the awning to reduce the surface exposed to the wind.

With the boat at anchor or in favorable conditions, the upper arms are raised by means of ball joints and allow the panels to tilt to optimize the photovoltaic load. This same operation allows you to fold the bimini top easily.

Energy Fix Stern Arch installation on Sun Odyssey 379

Sailboat based in La Rochelle. The owner is interested in installing a stern arch for two 175 w solar panels each.

After studying the configuration of the aft balcony, the hardware on the deck and the quite forward position of the bimini top, we propose an arch with triple-fixation masts, with bases on the deck and two clamps per mast, fixed to the stanchion and to the tube balcony top.

The masts with a 10º elbow above the balcony make it possible to achieve parallelism between them regardless of the placement of the bases and clamps.

In this case, the tubes that form the telescopic part of the upper frame are manufactured in a special length to reach the total width of the frame of almost 3 meters, capable of accommodating two large panels.

Energy Fix SternArch installation on Nadir 27

27 foot sailboat. The shipowner is interested in installing a stern arch for a solar panel, with eyebolts for dinghy hoisting gear and with the possibility of later installing a radar antenna.

As we have a folding transom convertible into a platform, we supply two elbowed masts to move the assembly towards the stern. We fix the masts to the deck, with clamps to the upper tube of the balcony and reinforcing braces to the lower tube.

We extended the starboard mast above the panel to allow the installation of a radar antenna.

Energy Fix Stern Arch installation on Oceanis 361

Bateau of Switzerland. Energy Fix stern arch to install a solar panel, and dinghy hoisting system 

With fixings on both tubes of the balcony, mast bases on the coaming and supports on the transom

We reinforce the assembly by joining each mast and its correspondent aft support with a horizontal crossbar

Energy Fix Stern Arch installation on Hallberg Rassy 43

Bateau of Italy. Energy Fix 50 stern arch to install two solar panels.

In this case the boat has davits. We took advantage of the robust supports of the davits to fix the bases of the two straight masts.

With reinforcement bars and the adjustable frame for the photovoltaic panels.

Installation of Energy Fix 30 stern arch on Fountaine Pajot 32 catamaran

Spanish owner preparing his catamaran for a SOLO AND NON-STOP AROUND THE WORLD.

Energy Fix 30 solar arch to install two solar panels. 

Installation of the two U-shaped lateral supports with bases to the transom and reinforced with lateral braces to the transom itself. All components in 316 stainless steel tube of 30 mm. diameter.

The adjustable extended frame for the two panels allows to increase the photovoltaic efficiency and optimize the charging of the batteries during the long journey.

On his interesting website he publishes the details of his impressive voyage:

We designed a special stern arch to incorporate two 200w solar panels and two wind turbines in a Bavaria 49

Sun Odyssey 379

“I chose the Energy Fix stern arch for the installation of solar panels (2x175w) on my Sun Odyssey 379 sailboat based in La Rochelle. I wanted an arch that was as light as possible, strong and preferably detachable. Alfonso, the technician, carried out a tailor-made study according to the boat and my wishes. Communication was easy and explanations and advice excellent. The delivery was fast with a step by step manual, in French, very detailed and with many diagrams. The assembly turned out to be simple, about a day, although I did not have any special knowledge. The stainless steel is of a higher quality than the original parts of the boat. The result corresponds to my expectations and therefore I am completely satisfied. To complete, mention a price two or three times lower than the heaviest models available on the market, so I recommend it without hesitation”


La Rochelle

Viko S30

“The Energy Fix stern bow is very easy to assemble, and more than meets the customer’s expectations. It is simple and fulfills its purpose of holding solar panels. It also serves to place other accessories.”

Installed in a VIKO S30 in Puerto de Roda de Bará by the installation company: BEN FET – WELL DONE.


Roda de Bará

Oceanis 343

“My experience with the Autocazantes Energy Fix Stern Arch has been extremely satisfactory. The result is exactly what I was looking for, a structure capable of holding the solar panel and the communications antennas and at the same time not breaking the aesthetics of the boat as traditional archs do. The quality of manufacture, the technical support from Autocazantes and the exhaustive detail in the instructions provided for assembly, mean that its installation does not involve complexity. I am very satisfied with the product and I can only congratulate you for a job well done”.


Mar Menor