RESTORATION OF accessories, parts and CHANDLERY

In addition to winches, we also restore chandlery, hardware, accessories, etc. to return them to their original appearance. 

  • Deck chandlery
  • Windlasses
  • Backstay tensioners
  • Tube structures
  • Indoor hardware
  • Etc.
Piezas de latón cromado

Restorations, repairs, polishing, chrome plating, anodizing, baked paint, manufacture of spare parts, machining, modifications, upgrades, etc.

Detailed description of the complete restoration of the gas stove of a Swan 43 in our blog at this link

In the case of complex restoration works, from photographs provided by the customer, we calculate an approximate budget of the operations to be performed.

Once the parts in our facilities, we perform a complete analysis of the state and propose the different alternatives.

Once the work is finished, we write a detailed report of the restoration and send the pieces to the customer’s address.

Backstay tensioner, fully restored and chrome
Chrome plated brass hardware
Gas cooker, fully refurbished
Hardware, black anodized and baked paint
Pulleys, silver anodized
Hatch, silver anodised