Magic DAVIT for outboard

The MAGIC davit is installed on the boat’s aft balcony without drilling the deck.

When not in use it can be easily disassembled in seconds and stowed comfortably.

Adaptable to all boats and made of 316 marine stainless steel with caps in Delrin.

move your outboard engine safely


With 360 degree swivel grips, it attaches to the aft balcony of any boat model, in horizontal, vertical, inclined tubes or any combination of the above.

swivel mast:

It is inserted into the holder and allows the davit to be rotated to any position.



Complete with rigging and pulleys.

Adjustable length in two positions.

Rope forwarded by the inside and locking groove.


Guaranteed robustness, with 1.5 mm tubes thickness, supports up to 25 kg outboards.

NOTE: Being anchored to the aft balcony, the load limit is marked by the rigidity of the balcony itself. Maximum robustness is achieved by anchoring, in whole or in part, to vertical tubes.

With integrated semi-spherical pulleys that prevent the rope from coming out, includes rope rigging with jaw pulley. Rear slot for fixing the rope on the hanger.

Allows you to hoist the outboard comfortably by a single person (see video):


MAGIC Davit complete with tackle, pulleys and clamps. . . . . . . 681 € (824.01€ VAT included)

Freight: consult.

For more information or to place an order, please contact us and our transport agency will deliver it to you to the address you indicate.