OCTOPUS system

Enjoy the convenience of selftailing winches with OCTOPUS systems, compatible with all classic winches.

OCTOPUS is a conversion system from classic to selftailing winches, reliable and manufactured with resistant to the marine environment materials.

OCTOPUS MK1 compatible with all classic winches.

It works with ropes of any diameter.

OCTOPUS MK2 compatible with specific winches models.

It is factory-adjusted for the rope measurement indicated by the customer.

All components of OCTOPUS systems are designed and manufactured by us, built of premium nautical materials:

  • AISI 316 marine stainless steel

  • Chromed bronze

  • Anodized aluminium

  • Heads in Derlin high strength

  • Anti-corrosion isolations

The retention collar design has a lower carved surface that provides maximum grip for ropes of varying thicknesses. Even with maximum efforts, the rope breaks before skating in the winch.