DAvits for dinghy 

Davits for auxiliary boat. Adjustable angle, folding and removable. Easy installation on board.

For winter storage, they can be completely disassembled for stowage, manually releasing the wing nuts from the ball joints and using an Allen key to release the mast from its base.

Davits anchored to the deck

Davits anchored to the deck and to the two tubes of the aft balcony. In 50mm tube. with ball joints. The angle formed by the mast and the arm is adjustable to the most suitable position in each case by means of the toothed ball joint.

The davits are collapsible to clear the stern when not in use, and fold down simply by loosening the ball joint wing nut by hand.


Davits anchored aft 

Davits with an additional ball joint to be anchored to the transom at any angle and to the two balcony tubes. They are also adjustable in angle and easily foldable without the need for tools.



Davit accessories

In both models, depending on the weight of the tender and/or the robustness of the aft balcony, the davits can be reinforced with braces adapted to each particular case.

The installation of reinforcement braces does not prevent the folding of the davits.

By loosening the wing nut on the toothed ball joint and raising the arm slightly, the upper terminal of the tie rod is released from it and allows the assembly to be folded.

The toothed disk of the union, once fixed with the wing nut, prevents this movement from occurring accidentally.

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