• More comfort on board

  • Reduce boat movements

  • Avoid jerking and protect mooring ropes



With weight system, rope rigging and pulleys, it exerts a traction proportional to the amplitude of the movement of the boat.

The damping force varies from a few kilos in short movements to exceed 150 or 300 kilos (depending on model) in the strongest pulls.

Made of UV resistant materials: Delrin, Stainless Steel 316 and nautical rope

Video of operation

Available in two models

The mooring shock absorber DOES NOT SUBSTITUTE THE MOORING ROPES, protects the ropes and cleats and prevents sudden jerking but ultimately it is the mooring ropes that protect the boat

Price rate

Unit prices complete including nautical rope and lead weight. VAT not included.


The usual installation on the boat is of a pair of shock absorbers, although in particular cases it is sufficient to install only one (installation in center, mooring by bow or assembly only in windward)

The weights included with the Confort shock absorber have other nautical uses in big depth fishing, ballasting anchor chain, etc.

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